Battery Saver 8250 12V 50W Pulse Charger Maintainer and Tester (4 Pack) Review

Battery Saver 8250 12V 50W Pulse Charger Maintainer and Tester (4 Pack)

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  • Includes 4x 20′ DC to DC Extension Cables
  • Built-In LCD Digital Battery Tester
  • Perfect for Long Term Maintaining
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Auto-Pulse Extends Battery Life

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Product Description

The Battery Saver “All-In-One” 12 Volt 50 Watt Charger, Maintainer and Tester Multi-Pack Bundle is a customized Garage Kit which includes 4x “All-In-One” units, 4x 10′ power cables, 2x 6′ Alligator Clip-On cables, 2x 6′ Terminal LUG cables, 4x Wall Mounting Brackets and 4x 20′ DC Extension cables, all at a massive savings. The 20′ DC Extension cables allow each unit a total of 26 feet of cable, allowing you to connect to any vehicle, no matter the size of the garage or warehouse. This model combines our fastest charging technology, integrated micro-processor, automatic maintaining, automatic PULSE desulfator, modular cabling system and digital battery tester. The power benefit of the “All-In-One” is the ability to charge up to six batteries if they are connected together in parallel (multiple batteries. 12 Volt output.) This is perfect for vehicles that have more than one battery in a system, such as RVs or certain boats. The advanced computer control will monitor to make sure that no matter the size of the battery, it will be charged safely and efficiently. The modular cabling system is unique to our chargers and maintainers. We run longer lengths than anyone else and can accommodate nearly any cable length need. We offer 10′ or 20′ DC to DC extension cables for even the largest garages, as well as weatherproof enclosures to charge vehicles that are a long distance outside, away from a building. The built-in digital battery tester reads the voltage of the battery, the amperage power output of the charger and the power output of the vehicle’s alternator. This can give you all the information you need to diagnose an issue with your vehicle’s charging system, whether the fault lays with the battery or with the alternator.

The Save A Battery Quad 4-Bank 12-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester is one of the most versatile battery charging devices on the market. It quickly and easily connects with up to four 12-Volt batteries using an innovative modular cord system. These units not only charge batteries quickly, but they also maintain, cycle, rejuvenate, condition, test, monitor, and can alert you when there are problems with a battery. You can even use the on-board voltmeter to check an entire vehicle’s electrical wiring. These compact units are highly portable, and can be used in the garage or out on the road.

The Save A Battery is easy to read and operate.

Save Time and Money by Keeping Your Battery Charged
It’s a fact: batteries naturally discharge over time, even when not connected to a vehicle. If you own a classic car, RV, motorcycle, or any other vehicle that isn’t used regularly, you may have experienced this first-hand. Not only is it frustrating, but a dead battery also costs you time and money to recharge or replace.

The Save A Battery Quad 4-Bank 12-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester keeps batteries in perfect, charged condition. It extends the life of live batteries by monitoring and maintaining their condition, and can quickly recharge dead batteries with pulsing technology. The built-in voltmeters allow you to diagnose various automobile electrical and wiring problems. These units are also equipped with load testers that provide a way to test and cycle weak batteries and bring them back to life.

The modular design provides multiple connection options.

Safe and Easy to Set Up and Operate
The Save A Battery Quad 4-Bank 12-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester comes equipped with numerous safety features and is a snap to set up and use. It won’t cause sparks when you connect it to a vehicle, and will alert you if it has been connected in reverse polarity. Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection are also included to keep you safe. The audible Low Voltage Alarm monitors battery voltage and will sound before the battery is damaged by discharging too much. There’s no need to plug these units into AC power until this alarm sounds. Large LCD screens and bright LED banks make it easy to monitor battery voltage, charging mode, connection status, and overall battery health. The LCD displays can even be turned off while charging or maintaining for long-term storage.

The Save A Battery Quad 4-Bank 12-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester also features an innovative modular cable design that makes it easy to connect to any battery or vehicle. You can choose to connect with the 5-Amp battery terminal lug cables or with the alligator clip cables–there’s even a Voltmeter probe cable for testing purposes. The included extension cables make it easy to connect with multiple batteries at the same time. Even the AC power cable is modular and removable. All cables come with gold-plated connectors that are suited for long cable runs and improved reliability in harsh environments. The bright yellow cable jacket is easy to see, and helps eliminate accidental disconnects. Additional cables (sold separately) are also available with different connectors and lengths.

What’s in the Box?
The Save A Battery Quad 4-Bank 12-Volt Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester comes four Battery Charger Maintainer and Tester units, three 6-foot 5-Amp battery terminal lug cables, three 6-foot alligator clip cables, a 3-foot Voltmeter probe cable, four 20-foot modular extension cables, a 12-foot AC power input cable with four outputs, a padded carrying case, and mounting brackets for wall or vehicle installation.

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